The RideNat brand :

The Brand RideNat has been founded to propose an eco-friendly range of bicycle accessories in a world of all-plastics. The goal is to make the production of a bike as renewable as the act of cycling itself by using natural materials and upcycling methods to craft new bike components and related products

Our first range of products are saddles made from an upcycling mix of rice waste and old PET bottles but we have many further ideas and new products will be coming soon.

  • RideNat Gibbon bicycle pedals pair
  • RideNat Gibbon bicycle pedals pair

Upcycling and natural materials :

Our material of choice is an upcycling bioplastic made from rice waste (husks). The patented technology allows to mix about 70% of rice waste with 30% of recycled plastics to create a new material. This can then be molded in the shape of pedals, grips or other shapes.

In case you are not familiar with rice : the seeds have an outer skin (husk), which is too hard to be eaten. Exactly like wheat in fact ; this non-edible part is taken off and shredded into a sort of powder. This is the base material which is then mixed with used PET bottles and formed into shape.