“Gorilla” Platform bicycle pedals

An upcycled platform pedal for your bicycle

This Gorilla platform model offers a large contact surface and anti-slip molding for wet and muddy conditions. They are sturdy, durable and lightweight (336g/pair).

They use rice husk-based bioplastic for the whole pedal body. Steel balls in the axle allow a smooth and silent rotation and the fitted reflectors (removable) make them compatible with the regulations.

They are particularly designed to fit trekking or commuter bikes as well as MTBs

  • RideNat Gorilla bicycle pedals with packaging
  • RideNat Gibbon bicycle pedals pair
  • RideNat Gibbon bicycle pedals with reflectors
  • RideNat Gorilla bicycle pedal on grass

Large contact surface

Length 100 mm
Width 90 mm

For Trekking, Commuter and MTBs



Weight 336g

Reflectors for visibility

(removable if needed)